Imagine this picture is not the path ahead, but the journey that you have already done. Looking back, life stretches behind you as a clear path that you alone have forged.

What about the path ahead?
Does it seem as clear?
Is it straight or does it wind away from view?
Is it overgrown, or are the plants cut back?
How do you feel, as you think about the coming year and all that you might face?
Do you sense threat, or opportunity?

Decisions are hard. They have unexpected consequences and hidden joys. Often we live in the limbo that comes after the decision, and before its impact is fully known. Choosing one path might lead to several more – how will you know which ones to tread?

Someone once said to me: “There are no bad decisions. Only good decisions, and better ones.” Perhaps this is a saying for the optimists: the idea that all things – even our mistakes – can work for good. Or perhaps it is one for those who are generous: there is always the chance for a new start to emerge from a bad decision.

There are no bad decisions.
What decisions have you made this year?
How do you feel about them?
What new life might yet emerge from them?


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